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I’ve been dealing with insurance companies for over 30 years and the story generally goes

  • It’s not covered because it hasn’t been windy enough.
  • It’s not covered because it’s wear and tear
  • It’s not covered because it’s a flat roof etc etc and the excuses roll on.

With us at Approved Roof Insurance we will cover all aspects of the roof issues you may come across. We will deal with everything for you as life’s stressful enough without you having to worry about this when we can easily take care of it all for you.

Once we fully assess the property we can start with the insurance cover and which cover best suits you.


From as little as £16.99/month

We have 4 levels of cover with prices starting from £16.99 per month (or buy 11 get one free).

Free Gutter Cleaning.

On approval and after the inspection we will clean out the guttering system on the property for free!

Free Roof Inspection

The full roof will need to be inspected then we can both decide which is the best plan to go on to. (Free & necessary)


We won’t give a list of excuses as it’s easier and faster for us to sort the problems out with our years of experience and expertise.

What better way for you to have peace of mind when the actual insurer is the one doing the work? It’s an ideal solution for the unexpected so you don’t need to worry when the problems arise. Approved Roofing Insurance-For those moments you didn’t expect

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